LK UV Sterilizer RTD-210A
LK UV Sterilizer RTD-210A

LK UV Sterilizer RTD-210A

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LK UV Sterilizer RTD-210A

Theory, sanitizing Box can fulfill this job with the help of its UV lighting tube within a short distance without a turnover, together with the UV reflection on both sides& the shining bottom. It is well-known that Ultraviolet Tradition in the sun can kill the bacteria attached to the article, which yet should be turned over frequently for equal irradiation.

There will be no high temperature during the process. This product is suitable for hair-beauty instruments & small articles such as glass, metal vessels, plastic instruments & etch. It is also used for the storage of articles that have been cleaned.

Main Technical Specifications:

  • Model No: RTD-210A
  • Ration Voltage: 110V
  • Maximum Frequency: 50Hz 60 Hz
  • Maximum Power Capacity: 6W

Operation Method:

  1. Put on to match the standard power supply of the instrument the electric voltage;(please check the product of the instrument back to mark before usage)
  2. Put into the instrument inside the tool want to precede the disinfection;
  3. Total switch of power supply that open the instrument, instruction the light is bright to mean the instrument to enter the work appearance;
  4. The instrument switch on electric ties IOor so times, and disinfect the meeting of a light tube bright,(the door certainly want to get in touch with miniature switch the instrument would normally work)
  5. Make sure the door is close before switching on the button.
  6. Do not stare at the light tube.
  7. Keep far away from children's touch
  8. Pull out the plug when you don't use it to avoid possible fire.