Rainbow Jelly Nail Set

Rainbow Jelly Nail Set

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Rainbow Jelly Nail Set by Nailed In The 6ix™

This set includes 15 custom nails customized with Rainbow Jelly Ombre.

Please include your shape specifications in the notes at checkout.

Each set includes a full set of 10 custom reusable gel-x nails with 5 replacement nails & a nail prep kit (glue, file, buffer, alcohol wipe & cuticle pusher)

Should you have reference images you would like to be used, please forward them to Nailedinthe6ix@gmail.com after placing your order. 

(Note: You may be contacted after your order for more information regarding preferences - please check your email inbox regarding next steps)

Prices Vary Depending On Specifications. Photos are sample products.

Add-on option is available for extras including Swarovski & much more.